Join a Choir


Who can join?
The choirs are open to singers in grades 2 through 12 (typically ages 7 and older).

No prior singing experience is necessary. Auditions are required for acceptance (with a parent present during the audition) and children are only excluded from participation under the most extreme circumstances. If your singer would prefer, join us for open rehearsals on January 9th and 16th, 2024, open to anyone! Stay around for a few minutes after for a brief check in with the directors.

How do we join?
Step #1: Complete the Registration Form for Spring 2024 found HERE
Step #2: If you are new to Cary Youth Voices, either sign up for an audition HERE or come to our open rehearsals on January 9th or  16th!

Pay Tuition

We accept tuition payment by cash or check only. Payment will be due by our second rehearsal of each semester. 

2023-2024 Season Tuition